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Carol Price was born in England of an English mother and a Welsh father. Carol was blessed with an inborn love of reading and writing, being able to spell and write quite complex words at the tender age of four. This love of literature was to play an increasing part in her intellectual and emotional development when she missed a number of years of primary school after being diagnosed with tuberculosis.
Being left unsupervised for long periods of time at a young age whilst unwell, she amused herself by creating stories, writing poems, and reading books, the level of which were often far in advance of her peers. This love of writing never left her and, over the years, she has written a number of poems and short stories and completed her first full length work of fiction.
Carol’s recent discovery of Creative Writers R Us has enabled her to further develop her abilities and stretch her creative muscles within a dynamic group of like-minded, energetic, passionate writers of poetry and prose. In 2018 Carol published her first novel entitled The Inheritance of the Meek.and has already begun a second book.

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The Inheritance of the Meek
Thriller, Dystopian
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Martin was a dentist, a suburban dentist, a family man.  How on earth could a dentist find himself chained up and kept in a cage?

In opting to volunteer with other locals after a devastating storm had ravaged his neighbourhood, Martin met the Visitors. Visitors who came to the area as an emergency response team to initiate and co-ordinate the massive clean-up. Martin soon realised all was not what it seemed, as the Visitors set in motion a plan that no-one in their wildest dreams could have imagined.

Martin’s life, the lives of his wife, his two children, his pets and all those around him are thrown upside down – and will never be returned to normal.

From incarceration to death sentences, from murder to madness, from heaven to hell, Martin and his companions were transported to a hell on earth and tested to the very edge of human endurance. Friendships forged in these desperate times became a lifeline, became the only thing to keep the dwindling group sane in the mad, inverted, twisted existence they had been thrust into.

The end, when it came, was the greatest shock of all.

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