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Kurt Kristoffersen was born in Cabramatta, a small country town in NSW. At 20 years old, he left Cabramatta and embarked on a round Australia trip in a 1967 Kombi Van. As a young long-haired stranger in town, he was constantly harassed and threatened by the local constabulary. They really enjoyed his company and regularly re-arranged his personal belongings, gave him a bed for the night, and free two-on-one boxing tuition.
After spending his 21st birthday in Goulburn jail, for refusing to sign a police verbal, he returned to Cabramatta and built a 48-foot sailing ketch at a Milperra boatyard. He launched the Major Tom in 1982 and it became his home for the next 18 years. In 2001, he attained his master’s degree and worked as a counsellor for corrective services, family services and Centrelink. Creative Writers R Us has given him the spur to write a movie script about heavy-handed police tactics. He writes in a gritty and graphic nature.

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